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Recreational Boating / Personal Injuries

We have handled numerous accidents over the years involving recreational boating. Recreational boating can provide hours of entertainment and fun for the family. However, not everyone on the water knows the Rules of the Road or operates their vessel in a safe manner. As a result of the negligent operation of a boat or personal water craft, serious injuries or deaths can occur. The maritime laws are different than the laws that apply to land based accidents. For example, the Statue Limitations Periods are typically shorter, the presumptions of negligence are different, the way to determine the percentage of negligence on the various parties is different, the types of damages you can be entitled to are different, and where you can file your cause of action can be different. If you are injured in a recreational boating accident, hire a lawyer that knows the maritime laws and that knows all the differences between a car wreck case and a boating accident case.  If you have been injured in a recreational boating accident, call us for a free consultation to determine your legal rights.