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Tug and Tow Liability

If you have a vessel or barge that has been damaged during a tug and tow operation, you may need the services of a lawyer that knows the Admiralty and Maritime Laws of the United States to help determine the amount of damages your entitled to, as well as how to get paid for these damages. Typically the vessel providing the tug is responsible to get the vessel or barge it is towing to it to its destination safely. If that is not done and damages occur, there is a presumption that the towing vessel is at fault and is responsible for the damages it causes to the vessel or barge being towed. In certain situations, the vessel providing the towing can be arrested for the damages caused during the tug and tow operation. This usually is not necessary, but is something that is available to the vessel owner that has sustained damages. If you have a situation where a tug boat has caused damages to your property, put them on notice immediately, put your own insurance company on notice immediately, and talk to a lawyer that knows the Admiralty and Maritime Laws that apply in this situation. The maritime laws that apply to a tug and tow situation are very different than the laws that would apply to a land-based accident. If you have a question about this area of the law, call us today for a free consultation.